About Ellis Brothers Collision


About Ellis Brothers Collision

When your vehicle has been involved in an accident, it’s important to remember that you really only get one chance to properly restore your vehicle to its original condition. It’s unfortunate, but not all collision repair shops use appropriate repair methods or operate ethically. It’s common for those who’ve required collision repair services to get inadequate repairs from their auto body repair shop. Some bad repairs are visible and some are hidden, but all bad repairs can lead to a loss in the value of the vehicle.

Today’s vehicles are highly technical and a vehicle that is improperly repaired can also pose serious safety concerns. The last thing you want to do after picking up your car is to have to take it back for repairs to the repairs.

This is why Ellis Brothers Collision offers its customers our “6 Guarantees.” When you bring your vehicle to Ellis Brother Collision, our team is committed to providing you with Good Old-Fashioned Service And State Of The Art Repairs™.  Before you choose a collision repair shop, be sure to view our FREE report, “The Ellis Brothers Customer Bill of Rights